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Monday, 26 December 2011

Private Mortgage Investors!

Why Invest in Private Mortgages?
The most secured and durable investment is real estate property. History has proven that although real estate prices may have fluctuated from time to time, over the long-term real estate property has appreciated in value. The security for a mortgage is real estate property.  Private mortgages provide a regular income stream, tangible security and a real return to the investor that is superior to bank deposit, GICs and bonds. The big-chartered banks in Canada have often been criticized for charging exorbitant service charges. However service charges at best probably only cover the overhead costs incurred by the banks in their operations. Their favorite money making venture is undoubtedly the mortgage business.

There are reasons why these investments are so highly sought after, which include the following:

  •  Low Administration Costs: Each of us who have had a mortgage know how long it takes to pay this debt off. The Banks know this as well. The borrower is required to pay the costs to have the mortgage registered against title to their property. The Bank simply sits back and goes about cashing the monthly payment for years without incurring any further cost whatsoever.
  • Cash-Flow: A mortgage generates cash each and every month. Obviously the amount of the monthly payment will depend on the size of the mortgage, the interest rate and amortization period. However the payment comes in each month if the borrower does not want to lose their home. The fact is that the mortgage payment will be the last payment not made by someone in financial difficulty, and if bankruptcy occurs, a mortgage holder’s security is not affected by the borrower declaring bankruptcy.
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  • Protected Capital: Perhaps the main reason why Banks love mortgages, and why they fight tooth and nail with each other for this business, is the low risk associated with these investments. Obviously the risk associated with a first mortgage is less than the risk associated with a second mortgage, but then again the return from holding a second mortgage is substantially greater.

Private mortgage investments can be funded by you in and or outside your RRSP gives a minimum of 10% Yield Rate of Return Secured by a First or Second Mortgage on a Real Property in Canada. There are huge tax advantages to use your RRSP savings. 
At a rate of 10% yield rate of return, your RRSP portfolio should double in value every 7 years according to the rule of 72. At 16% return you will have a real chance retire at the age you can still enjoy many years in dignity.

Private mortgages can be a great investment, since there is great security with the equity on real property. Even if a debtor reneges, the property can be used to help pay off the mortgage. 

It is also an easy investment to make - private mortgages require little baby-sitting or watching of an investment. Money is paid regularly and the lender is fully covered by the legal documents signed at the time of the mortgage, ensuring that the investment as well as a profit is collected. Our short video presentation provides you more details on the process.

Since private mortgages are so good for investors, many think that they do not offer a great deal for property owners, but this is not always the case. Property owners turn to private mortgages for many reasons. Not all private mortgages are high interest - some do offer good rates. In some cases, property owners turn to private mortgages if they simply are a very poor credit risk and cannot get financing elsewhere - and then switch to a non-private mortgage with better rates as one's financial status improves. Finally, there are usually no greater risks with private mortgages than with other types - the same legal documents are used to protect the lender.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mortgage Investors Network

Join us! You are invited! Networking with benefits!

Welcome… as a Private Mortgage Investor, you have found our local group because you have been invited to join us to mingle with like minded professionals, meet up, share ideas and have your finger on the pulse of the industry. We would like you to participate with ideas, meet us on future scheduled meetings and help in bettering our industry, meet new people, share experience and knowledge. Also many stories are out there to tell besides learn from.

Our organizer Zoltan M. Padar is the president of MortgagePRO Ltd. Calgary based Mortgage Brokerage and also a private lender himself, president and principal of Private Lender Inc. investing its funds into private mortgages, but also provids investors like you with unparalleled opportunities to enjoy double digit returns years after years, securing monthly income and reach retirement (not age) faster, enjoy financially secured golden age. No matter how old you are you can not start early enough even if you start today, imagine yourself retired at an early age in dignity, still with time and energy to have fun...

Mr. Padar along with MortgagePRO Associates are organizing the meetings to encourage you to join the family of his private investors Years of experience, common sense approach to every file, meticulous due diligence process has made MortgagePRO a well known Brokerage to go to when you want to invest into mortgages as a direct investor... view our video to learn more about the process...

shockOur social meetings will be educational (inviting leading industry speakers on regular bases) as well as inspirational to work in a close relationship with each other to thrive to the reputation what makes members to be proud to belong. Of course besides tasting great wine, enjoying gourmet food and great conversations at our sponsors locations on our social event, mixing pleasure and business...

winkHas something to offer to our members? Don't be afraid to pitch YOUR business to our members on the discussion board, unlike other Meetup group we are encouraging every member to introduce their profession from other fields and to promote them all to is all about networking, right? Not just only serving the purpose of the organizer, but give a chance to all. Here you will never be called a spammer, but another member looking to do business...

We encourage you to contact the organizer to clarify any questions to become a well informed lender...

General issues can be discussed on the Message Board following our discussions guidelines.

All mortgage lending and funding request must be directed and brokered by MortgagePRo Ltd. after all we invited you to be our lender, the reason is for this Group has been created. MortgagePRO also pays generous finders fee to investors, lenders, realtors and other sources for referring files to us for funding.

love struck Perks might encourages to join:

At MortgagePRO Ltd. we appreciate business, we pay our realtor friends and members a referral fee...

Members bringing potential investors will also receive referral fee... every time they invest, referrers make money, we call this networking and we are not afraid to share the wealth...

Do you have what it is takes to be a PRO? To be a MortgagePRO? Are you enthusiastic, excited and dedicated to start a new career or revive on old one? Looking for a satisfying new profession as a licensed or an unlicensed Associate and take your life to the next level? Join us, you will love us...

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Private Lender Mortgages

We are Private Lenders, lending our own funds and many of our Private Investors funds.

Our  Common sense simple Guidelines are on our Private Lender Inc. website on the Broker Page.

We offer generous commissions, finder fees and splits and bonus rewards.

We offer residential and commercial private mortgages for borrowers with issues 

Networking Private Lenders Canada where Brokers, Lenders, Realtors and Real Estate Investors can submit requests to MortgagePRO Ltd. for funding, investing...

All request must contain:

Appraisal (if you have it)
Summary of request
Explanation of funds will be used for
Plan to maintain payments
Exit strategy

Zoltan M. Padar president                                                        Joe Czentye VP Commercial

Mortgage Advise

Introducing Zoltan M. Padar
MortgagePro Ltd.   Private Lender Inc.

Mortgage Adviser!
I will be providing you advise not only about how important is to get the lowest rate, but about why sometimes the rate is secondary to the mortgage product and the lending source. Keeping you informed not my only goal, but it is my duty as your adviser,  if I do not want you  fall into the arms of a predatory lender and pay dearly for your mistake. First mistake is when you do not use a mortgagebroker, just like you fixing your TV set when it needed repair. Just like a mechanic cannot fix a computer, unless you are a seasoned mortgage professional, you cannot  get the best mortgage for youself never mind to get one custom fitted to your needs and circumstances. It takes an expert, trust me.
First very important advise, make no mistake one of the most important one too:

Are you absolutely sure going to your bank is the best solution to obtain a mortgage? Your bank has only one product; their own mortgage product to offer you, no competition, no creative thinking, no advise on if that is the best product for you, you will not have a second opinion and or an alternative offer. No offence to our friends at the bank, but they will not even offer you the best rate, because they have no idea what is the best rate. MortgagePRO uses hundreds of lenders to search out the best rates and products, provide you a solution custom fitted to YOUR NEEDS, not of a lender. We can show you how we can save you over $15,000 on a $300,000 on a 5 year term, now did I get your attention?
Sign up to our newsletter and you will receive up to date news and will be able to use our FREE CONSULTATION services.
Upcoming advises:
How to minimize your exposure to lenders as a first time home buyer…
Why is it important to use a mortgage broker when you purchase a home…
When you refinance your home, do it for the right reasons…
Using your home equity to get your credit fixed
How to use your home equity to consolidate your debt
HELOC, the cheapest money you will ever borrow, is it dangerous or…
How to become mortgage free overnight…
Making your home to pay you every month instead of the other way around, reduces stress, give you time to do what you like the most...
Using Private Lender Mortgages are expensive, but provide solutions and plan…
Investing for a double digit return, monthly income and security…
RRSP gives you a chance to save untaxed earnings, invest and shelter return from the taxman…

Investing into mortgages to become mortgage free...

If you have any questions involving real estate mortgages, just ask your Mortgage Adviser, you never had a better friend, guarantied!  

MortgagePro pays Referral fee to Realtor Friends

We feel it is only fair to we pay our realtors friends a minimum $400 or 10% of the commission we receive from the Lender as a token of our appreciation and to encourage you to look us up when your client needs a mortgage.

MortgagePRO offers your clients the best rate and product custom fitted to each individual needs and circumstances. Our unique products, where we have the ability to combine institutional and private funds, enables us to get the desired mortgage even when clients have credit, job, age and other issues and or they are self-employed, new to the country or first time home buyers.

We provide free on the spot quote by phone and or email or simply visit us to use our free online calculator for monthly mortgage payment calculations.

Our unparalleled courtesy service will ensure your client will have a very pleasant experience, resulting you to close more deals and bring back satisfied clients, ensure the growth of your business.
Provide clients name, contact information, permission to contact by phone or email, set back and we make sure your reward will be sent to you the same day we receive it.
Please do not hesitate to get on our preferred network partner list to receive regular daily referral business from us.

Smart Investor Retires Early..are you one?

What is the secret in and why is it so popular to invest in Private Mortgage Opportunities?

Because it can provide you a double digit return between

securing you monthly income!

Maybe because it is RRSP eligible with extra added advantages, like save your hard earned money from the taxman and pay no tax on your great return, till you retire and you are in a lower tax bracket and most likely will pay lower tax?
Maybe because it is truly an armchair investment, thus you can manage it from anywhere on the planet as the decision is always yours and not some faceless bureaucrats?
Maybe because you can not loose at this game as your collateral is fixed and rigid?
Maybe the security, brick and mortar securing you funds like in the good old days? 
We are experts guide you and provide you with information how to take advantage of this opportunities, besides we are to provide you the opportunities to invest in mortgages, secured 120% with prime real estate across Canada. Our video excellent info source of the opportunity and the process.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Reasons you need a Mortgage Broker!

reasons to use a mortgage broker, because we offer:

we deal with all
Canadians banks, financial institutions and we have private lending sources available only through our brokerage to find you the best rates available to you based on your financial situation.

we do the work. We package your application, documents, contact the head offices to explain your situation and send your application to the right lender. We bypass the local branches and directly deal with the person that makes the decisions about your approval. You can reach us, talk to a live person and we can be available to you even outside of "banking hours".

we will save you thousands , we get you the best interest rate and product and we also connect you to the right bank that will offer you the best terms for your situation. We arrange financing for residential/commercial, first/second/third mortgages. 

FREE service:
on residential mortgages OAC with no extra attention and planning required. You can only gain by using a broker in any situation!
each bank has different underwriting guidelines. They specialize in different type of applicants. this very often prevents them from dealing with unique cases. We continuously study the guidelines of each bank and keep up-to-date with the changes. If you happen to be self-employed or own a rural property or have less-than-perfect credit most banks will not deal with you. We also specialize in hard-to-approve applications.
even if your credit has been perfect up until now, frequent checks could put you in a difficult position. We check your credit once and we use the same credit report for all the financial institutions where we represent you, this way your credit score will not decrease.

We will even help you improve your credit at no charge.