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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Reasons you need a Mortgage Broker!

reasons to use a mortgage broker, because we offer:

we deal with all
Canadians banks, financial institutions and we have private lending sources available only through our brokerage to find you the best rates available to you based on your financial situation.

we do the work. We package your application, documents, contact the head offices to explain your situation and send your application to the right lender. We bypass the local branches and directly deal with the person that makes the decisions about your approval. You can reach us, talk to a live person and we can be available to you even outside of "banking hours".

we will save you thousands , we get you the best interest rate and product and we also connect you to the right bank that will offer you the best terms for your situation. We arrange financing for residential/commercial, first/second/third mortgages. 

FREE service:
on residential mortgages OAC with no extra attention and planning required. You can only gain by using a broker in any situation!
each bank has different underwriting guidelines. They specialize in different type of applicants. this very often prevents them from dealing with unique cases. We continuously study the guidelines of each bank and keep up-to-date with the changes. If you happen to be self-employed or own a rural property or have less-than-perfect credit most banks will not deal with you. We also specialize in hard-to-approve applications.
even if your credit has been perfect up until now, frequent checks could put you in a difficult position. We check your credit once and we use the same credit report for all the financial institutions where we represent you, this way your credit score will not decrease.

We will even help you improve your credit at no charge.