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Saturday, 11 February 2012

HELOC best way to borrow...

HELOC Home Equity Line Of Credit

Best way to borrow besides the most economical way to borrow.

So you are in the need of a new car, renovation of your home, kids university tuition has depleted you savings, not even talking about that vacation you are planning, but you have never had the chance to save up for any of them; you are clueless. Hmm, sorry you are being bombarded with offers from all sides, but with great costs. You don’t really feel to pay interest rates in the double digit, never mind bowing to the pressure of credit card companies and pack few of those plastics, thinking of you have freedom, while you know exactly you are entering a form of slavery at its best by not leaving home without them.

Fortunately, there is a friend, so close to you; you are not even thinking of to take advantage of this great relationship. There is your best friend, not just providing shelter, giving you warmth on cold days, light in the dark and a place you raise your family; your salvation with its real estate value component.

Many of us, the lucky once has paid out or down the mortgage to a level when you have so called equity in the home, most happily equity you can borrow against and make no mistake; the best money you have ever borrowed I warranty you it is also the


Here is how it work:

-to save you time and aggravation enlist the services of a Mortgage Brokerage whom you work close to set a plan and work on getting the best rate and product out there
-the value of your property will be determined
-review of your present lenders mortgage documentation; establish the size of your equity
-pick the best lender with a product fits your circumstances and needs and not of the lender
-Brokerage submits packaged deals and get you approved
-enjoy you HELOC, stress is gone, enjoy your life…

And the best new of them all:
-HELOC interest rate is what is you mortgage interest rate, maybe even lower:

As of Feb.11.2012. it is prime minus 0.25% (prime 3%)

-you only pay interest on the portion you are using

-you always have a peace of mind by knowing there are funds to turn to when you need little monetary help
-we can help you now take the next step: rebuild you credit, take the dream vacation, start up the business you have always wanted, invest for a double digit return (make sure it is RRSP eligible) and give your kids the education, give the a good start up in life and all of this because now you know yourMortgage Broker got you a second chance got you the:

courtesy of Zoltan M. Padar of MortgagePRo ltd. email me, I will be happy to help you like i did hundred others...