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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mortgage Renewal: What the banks do not want You to Know!

The truth in renewals; from the Experts:

So your renewal notice from the bank showed up a few weeks before the due date, offering you convenient, just check here, initial here and sign there options, too convenient to pass by, you are set, right? WRONG! You do not sign anything till you know their offer is a competitive one or they are offering you the best rate and product you deserve.  Sometimes they are sending renewal notice just a few days prior to the due date, hoping you have forgotten about your renewal, what you most likely did, assuming you will just sign to get it over with as you panic, thinking of no time left to shop the offer. Now, do you trust the bank playing this cheap trick on you? NO? There is one more reason to get a second opinion! RIGHT!

Need a mortgage, need a pro, MortgagePRO!
Our job is to know banks; credit unions, trust companies, MIC's and private lenders alongside lenders only available to brokers, products and rates. You must know, mortgage lenders are competing for your business. It is true when the market is hyped and it is even more true when it is slow.  Who do you choose?

Branch offer vs. MortgagePRO offer!
Every branch is independently responsible to sell mortgage and other financial products to you. They only have one rate fitted to your needs, that is all. They will not be able to be flexible on rates and or terms, you are getting only one contender to offer what they have. Most of the time they will offer you their posted rate and or just a rate what can be beaten by our sophisticated operation by bringing you other lenders offers to the table.We can beet your bank's posted rate, matter of fact we can save an average $15,000 on a $300,000 mortgage over a five years term. You just visit us online and get hold of us, we will be glad to provide you with a FREE no obligation consultation session to assess your situation.

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Don’t forget, our goal is to provide you the best possible rate on the market on any given day and a mortgage product not only will save you money, but gives you a peace of mind, because our existence depends on you, our most precious asset, our respected client. Without you we do not exist.