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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mortgage Advisory! Number four: get a pre-approval!

Pre-approvals! Way to go shopping for a home!

Helping you to obtain a mortgage, the best available for you under your personal circumstances; custom tailored to your financial abilities and needs do not stop only offering you our services. We are here to provide you with a plan, execute same precisely and come to positive conclusion.
MortgagePRO is not only administering your process, gets you a mortgage and job well done. The importance of sound financial advise is also one of the most important tool what we will provide you while we are working on to bring the best offer to the table. Many lenders, many strategies, many products, however your financial situation plays huge roll on to what is the final product along with lender you choose to go with. 

We strongly suggest you to heed our advice for your own good, however if you think it might not something you want to do, at least listen to us and read the benefits of  a pre-approved mortgage before you are going for property hunting:
  • confidence: with a pre-approved mortgage you are confident you are in the sopping of your life, you are not only looking but you are a real contender
  • limits: you know your limit, you know how much you can spend and you will not drag a realtor all over town looking at properties what you can not afford
  • negotiating power: now you know the money in the bank and you know you have access to it, you have the confidence of a real property buyer, negotiate the price; low balling is a form of negotiation, you will be surprised how many time your offer will be well received even it is a low one
  • certainty: when you have a mortgage pre-approved there are now worries about last minute turn down by a lender for the reason of that unpaid phone bill two years ago what you have completely forgot about.
  • convenient: like you put you valet in your inner packet, you are ready to spend
  • peace of mind: you can avoid disappointment looking at homes you can not afford, making the shopping experience a pleasureful one and will be happy when you find the right home for you and for your family... a stress-free experience, courtesy of MortgagePRO, your Trusted Adviser!
Most convenient way to get a pre-approved mortgage is to submit an application online and we will analyze your situation and get an approval in just 24 hrs. depending your circumstances.
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MortgagePRO; where everybody is a winner!