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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The right mortgage term can make you money!

Fixed rate mortgages gaining popularity

It wasn’t too long ago that the prevailing wisdom held that variable-rate mortgages were the way to go. Now, a recent poll reveals that fully half of all Canadians said they would choose a fixed rate mortgage if they had to decide today, a 10 per cent increase from a year ago. That’s a huge shift from the past five years, when people saved money by sticking with variable rates. Brokers can certainly attest to this trend, and say they are seeing clients choose longer term mortgages with rates at historic lows. They are also recommending that clients go with as long a term as possible, event 10-years, as rates haven’t been this low like never! Also tere are other opportunities can be brought to you by choosing the right term helps you to be mortgage free in only a couple of short years. do not underestimate the importance of your financial well being just by assuming the right way is to pay your mortgage make banks rich and there is no other way, you grandparents has done it this way and you parents too, and it is you way as well to get enslaved by your lender. Where there is a will, there is a way, get the best advice and you decide!

Maybe the ten year term alongside with ten year amortization

Questionable rate when it comes to you decision about what is important for you and these questions a not subsiding, till you have a home and no mortgage. It is even more in the focus when your home is making you money, you are in the enjoyable independent zone, you are set to retire at an age most thinks impossible, when life still enjoyable. How does it works. Think of your saving account, your return is what about 2% annual, what hardly cover inflation rate. At same time you mortgage is 3.55 if you lucky and got the best credit and job. Paying down a 10 years term with 10 years amortization gives you the best savings at currently 3.99% ensuring you principal reduces very fast and you paid the minimum possible to the lender in interest. Better yet, all the money you use to pay off your mortgage can be re-borrowed at 3% rate and invested at 10-16% making sure you make a profit with other people money. Even better, your borrowed capital is tax free. Few tricks, enhancing your financial health can put you ahead in life. Now there is another reason to call MortgagePRO and request a FREE CONSULTATION  in personal or by SKYPE (SKYPE name: padar.zoli) and start building today for your tomorrow. We know how to and will help you to set yourself up!