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Friday, 1 March 2013

Mortgage Brokers take note on private lender

We are in the business to lend money no matter what the needs are....
We specialize in private mortgage lending, investing our own and many of our private investor funds into mortgages. Private Lender Inc. helps "hard to approve" applicants obtain mortgages. We have a variety of options available for your client and can often have you approved in 24 hours.
Visit our Broker page to view guidelines and lending criteria. We are never too busy to take your call, listen to your proposal on a file and certainly we are never too busy to find your client a solution.
It would be foolish to say we will do anything and we will approve every file you bring to us, but it is safe to say, if we can not do it most likely nobody else will.

When your clients have been turned down by the banks, Private Lender Inc. can provide a short term, temporary solution while you work with them to find a permanent, low interest, institutional lender. We will find a product that fits their circumstances and needs even when they have credit or job issues. Equity rules!

We have been sending out promo emails to you in the past, however with the new privacy laws and Brokerages blocking our emails, we will be able to send only limited amount to limited Mortgage Brokers in the future.

Files, where clients have issues are our specialties. Credit repair, debt consolidation, debt settlement and other solutions are part of our plans. We turn your client bankable, you get them a bank mortgage, everybody is a winner.