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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mortgage pre-approval will give you confidence

Mortgage Reference Centre, where you are able to get all the knowledge you need to be able to handle every aspect of home buying. You need knowledge to be able to make a better decision, representing your interest and not of the seller and or the mortgage lender. Calgary mortgage broker MortgagePRO Ltd. has all the tools to equip you with, enabling you to shop with confidence:
"Before, home buyers would typically leave arranging their financing last, after they purchased a property. Today this can cost you dearly. It may cause you to loose the house you find to someone who did get pre-approved. It also protects you from an increase in interest rates during the term, besides gives you a piece of mind there will be no eleventh hour surprises. (generally it is up to 120 days). This service is FREE: request online at MortgagePRO."
 In any case, give your Broker all your information, get pre approved early, get a certificate and you will have more confidence, better negotiating power and attitude. Ability to negotiate a better price is way easier when you know how much you can spend, besides you are not running around town, trying to buy a property, you cant afford. Make you Realtor aware of, you have been pre approved, see how happy he will be. He will make your home buying experience a much more pleasant one, trust me, we know.
MortgagePRO deals with all banks, however we are able to combine private lenders funds for a positive outcome and approval if needed.