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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

6 months term mortgage @ 3.49%

At MortgagePRO we think it is a good idea to change with change and that’s why we developed the 6 month convertible mortgage for the alternative client. 
In today’s market we recognized a real need for a well-priced, short term, solution for the alternative market. There are many reasons for you, to request short term like:

1.       Planning to sell your property and you do not want to pay a penalty
2.       Your home is already on the market, but to sell for a price you like, might would take just slightly longer that you have anticipated
3.       You are in the process to execute a plan provided by MortgagePRO to get your credit fixed and turn once again into a bankable client for a very low rate
4.       You are just not sure where your job will take you next, entering into a long term mortgage commitment is not your best interest
5.       Fantastic opportunity for investors to renovate and sell fast, without having a mortgage hold you back with high payout penalty

Is the slightly higher rate justifies the convenience of a short term mortgage?
You cannot decide what is the best for you?
Well, there is a solution for your questions. Simply look us up online, set up a FREE consultation session with one of our MortgagePRO Professional Associate and get the answers to all of your questions.
MortgagePRO is not only a Calgary mortgage broker; we will provide you with mortgage solutions  all across Canada. Mortgages in Alberta, BC and or other provinces are provided by institutional lenders, alternative lenders and private lenders, enabling us to provide a plan, help to execute it precisely and provide you with a mortgage solution even when you have age, job and credit issues. We are also specialist to get positive results from mortgage lenders if you are self-employed, new to Canada and or just have been turned down elsewhere. Remember, not every mortgage broker is the same and have the same experience and lender. MortgagePRO is your best bet, let us prove it!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Advantages of condo living vs. single residential home

Singles, small families, older people often choose to own a condo instead for the reason no maintenance, less expensive to purchase and fit their lifestyle better. It is also a good investment if you have a good Realtor, specialized in condos and will give you sound advice and a plan makes sense for YOU to buy a condo.
Here are some of the great advantages and features you will get by make your home in a condo:
a.       The view can be spectacular starting at a low level and better you go higher, of course it will cost you. However you want to check with your City’s planning department to see if they are planning to build another high-rise next to you, what would take away the view or partially block it. Make sure it is cleared up before you even give an offer. Your resale value will suffer with no view, for sure.
b.      Maintenance fees, condo fees are set and you can budget for it. More so if you buy a new condo, there will be no surprise charges to repair older elevators, garages and so on. It also includes some utility bills as well; you do not have to make extra effort to pay those bills. Also your Condo Corp will have exterior insurance, comes handy time of need. If you have added values like gym, swimming pool, rooftop patios, underground garages and so on, you condo fee will be higher, however just think of, you are paying for convenience.
c.       Renovating and adding extra glamour to your condo, like new hardwood floor, new jacuzzi  hot tub, granite counter tub will make you home more enjoyable to live in and it will sure ad value when you sell. Also stainless steel appliances and modern lighting fixtures are little tricks to ad to increase resale value. “Lipstick” if you will, can elevate the return, just do not over do it.
d.      MortgagePRO Ltd.  a Calgary Mortgage Broker will help you to get the best rate mortgage custom fitted to your circumstances and needs. Able to get you a mortgage, even if you have some age, credit and or job issues and or you are self-employed, new to Canada and or have other problems, we have a plan for all. When you buy a condo, first make sure you can qualify, get a FREE consultation session with one of the MortgagePRO Associate. MortgagePRO is well connected and able to get you a mortgage across Canada, no matter where you live. Our We are your best bet to get the low rate and best product what you deserve and we will make it sure you will get it, no matter what city you live in.
e.      Other advantages are condo living like if you in the position to travel, you just lock your door, give your cats and dogs to your relatives and your plants to your neighbors and off you go. No worries. Many buildings have security guards on site, what also will give you a sense of security.
You must though, contact MortgagePRO Associate before you venture into condo buying, for the very reason; there are other step have to be taken so you will not be taken, like: Condo Corp documents to study, reserve fund reports and other important steps to make you are well informed and protested. MortgagePRO Ltd. has an in-house realtor,  he will assist you with many of these task and we will get you PRE-APPROVED, so your home buying experience will be dealt under the same roof and it will be indeed a pleasurable experience.