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Friday, 26 July 2013

MortgagePRO your best bet to find the right mortgage

Canadian for canadians
MortgagePRO is your best choice for getting a mortgage when you purchase or refinance your home. We provide low rate mortgages with the best mortgage products available. MortgagePRO Ltd. is an Alberta Corporation based in Calgary, licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA)and proud member of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA), we can offer unique mortgage solutions, across Alberta and Canada, truly a Canadian Mortgage Broker - whether you are located in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Vancouver, or elsewhere, we can provide you with financing and refinancing that suits your needs.

Why MortgagePRO

We get you approved when everyone else has said no! This is our specialty and our passion. We love helping clients that assumed they could never qualify to get a mortgage and own a home.
Have great credit? We will help you get the best possible mortgage rates in Canada. We also have the best mortgage lenders Calgary Alberta. Our free online mortgage payment calculator will help you to budget, gives you instant mortgage payment results.

We Have Solutions

Our ability to provide a combination of institutional and private mortgage funds enable us to creatively fund virtually any mortgage - first mortgage, second mortgage, commercial mortgages and more. This gives our clients more opportunity to establish home ownership regardless of their credit history. Mortgage Planning is the most important component for Mortgage Brokers and we are leaders in helping create practical plans that will build your financial future. Mortgage Brokers must have the ability to not only provide you with the best mortgage rates and products, but also they must have the ability to be creative and possess problem solving skills. 

We also specialize in hard to finance individuals

Not every Calgary mortgage broker has the same experience, connections or abilities to help the hard to finance, get a mortgage and restore their credit. Obviously if you have poor credit the cost of borrowing will be higher than someone who can qualify prime rates. We help self employed, new to Canada and also people with less than perfect or bad credit. Simply put you don't know what you can qualify for. We do and we can help. We help hard to finance clients every day. Just because the banks said no doesn't mean you don't deserve to be a home owner. 

   Claim online your  Free Consultation  with one of our Mortgage Professional     

Low credit score?  We can get you a mortgage. 
Short on down payment for a mortgage? We can get you a mortgage.
Banks turned you down?  MortgagePRO can still get you a mortgage.