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Monday, 8 July 2013

We pay referral fee to our Realtor Friends

MortgagePRO understands the unique and important strategy of networking. We are a mortgage brokerage, helping clients with their mortgage approvals for many years, most importantly clients with all kinds of issues like: new to Canada, self employed, less than perfect credit. We are experienced in sorting out issues, deal with them and provide positive answer to people the banks turned down.
As a Realtor, you want your clients to be successful with their property purchase. Pre-approvals mean you will close more sales but spend less effort and time to earn your commissions as you can focus on properties that you know they can afford. The difference between Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved client is, you actually close the sale with a Pre-Approved client.
Your clients will get the property they want faster and easier with our Client Pre-Approval Program. We also pay referral fees to Realtors - an extra commission so you get an even better return on your effort.
For more information on the benefits of our Pre-Approval program visit the Realtors section at The Mortgage Reference Centre or email our president to discuss in details how can we form an ironclad alliance where we help each other for the common goal: to succeed in helping our clients to establish home ownership.
We will provide your client with a FREE Consultation Session, to assess the circumstances and the needs of them and also to provide a plan for approval. We are well connected, experienced and have not only Banks to lend, but other Non-Conventional lenders as well, with very competitive rates and products. We also have Private Lenders, providing help when client has been turned down everywhere, helping with down payment and temporary financing.
Another topic: we fix homeowners credit via Private Mortgages, equity loans and pay referral fee to you in case we were successful in funding.
If we can not do it, most likely nobody else will.