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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mortgage renewal time, your turn to get even

Yes, this is the time, of course your credit is as good as at the time you have got your mortgage at the first place, to set the rules. First of all, it is time to negotiate with your lender, for a low interest rate and or to change to product into the one, might of not been available for you in the first term. It can be done two ways: call your mortgage broker, the one have helped you before or a new one like MortgagePRO to ensure you have professional help to negotiate. Most importantly, low rate and best rate mortgage can be much easier available for you, when you got an expert going to lenders on your behalf.

Why choose MortgagePRO?Licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) and a member of the Alberta Mortgage
Brokers Association (AMBA), we bring you the highest quality service governed by the rules and regulations of the industry. Calgary mortgage broker, doing business across Canada, with main office in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and all of the surrounding areas in Alberta. We also help our clients in BC as Vancouver mortgage brokers. Through our brokerage network we can provide solutions across Canada.

We work with all the major banks, credit unions, and trust companies and can access unique private funding sources. This combination of institutional and private lenders allows us to provide the ultimate level of flexibility when qualifying individuals for residential or commercial mortgages.
Every situation is unique - and so is your mortgage. Our highly trained mortgage associates will create the best funding mix required to meet your individual needs.
To learn about all of the different types of mortgages and which will work best for you, visit the Mortgage Reference Centre or phone us at 403.253.2022 for an appointment to discuss funding options.
We offer solutions from both Institutional and Private Lenders Compare what each offer below to see what will work best for you.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What do you know about private mortgages?

A private mortgage is a lawful affirmation between two parties that aren't economic organisations in which one party acquiesces to loan the other one money in come back for repayment, interest, and the borrower's genuine land parcel if he or she doesn't pay back the lend. The parties engaged could be an enterprise and an individual or two people, like friends or family members. There are pros and cons to this type of arrangement for both lenders and borrowers, but many of the promise handicaps can be bypassed by careful, clear planning and documentation. Some companies also offer personal mortgages as investments, most of which are directed at medium-level, multi-year investors.

Pros and Cons for Borrowers
The major advantages of personal mortgages for borrowers are that they can get one from any person, they don't have the same requirements that banks have to qualify for a traditional mortgage, and the periods of the affirmation can be very flexible. People who loan to borrowers often prefer this kind of placement because it presents them flexibility on both end. Additionally, getting a personal lend means that a borrower may not need to supply much documentation, and it permits borrowers with a relatively easy way borrowing, a way to advance — as long as they make the payments — as well as gain an asset.
Regardless of this, there is habitually the risk of not being adept to pay back, which can lead both to economic problems and to a bad connection between the lender and borrower. This can be especially sore for persons who scrounge from their associates or family members. 

Pros and Cons for Lenders
If structured and documented correctly and lawfully, a lender can receive numerous advantages from a personal mortgage, encompassing a high rate of come back and a steady income from monthly payments. This kind of loan is generally protected, since it's backed by house and it is a way to move money around equitably, since most affirmations last between a few months and a couple of years.
The major danger for lenders is the potential for the borrowers default on their payments. Since numerous of the people who take personal mortgages can't qualify for traditional financing, they may be reluctant or incapable to make regular payments. The lender may furthermore not have any choices if the borrower defaults is to negotiate borrower to transfer over the property to the lender and or commence foreclosure and take title of the property and or sell property by force to recoup investment.

Bypassing troubles
The best way to bypass problems for both lenders and borrowers is to research localized laws before acquiescing to anything and to understand the dangers that come with this type of placement. Furthermore it is a large way to protected both ends, recruit the services of a mortgage broker, get FREE advice even if you will not use the services of the brokerage, one with experience in these kind of dealings. It's exceedingly important for both parties to secure the loan properly, acquiesce on what's going to occur if the borrower can't make the payments, and hold exact replicates of all documentation associated to the affirmation.  Persons lending cash inside a family should furthermore talk about how the new economic setup will affect their relationship and what will happen in the family if certain thing moves incorrect. To bypass troubles , deal only with expert mortgage broker, solicitor and all involved to help you to set up a mortgage.

Liquidity and other advantages
Some third-party personal investors offer seller-financed mortgages as a buying into vehicle. Investors can then purchase and deal them through a financial exchange. For demonstration, the shareholder can deal the equipment at a later designated day for a discounted cost and give the trader a lone lump-sum fee instead of the usual monthly payments. 
Furthermore private mortgages can be sold or bought on this website with great advantages to lenders:

•Liquidity by being able to post and offer your mortgages to other investors looking for investments
•No need to advertise and accumulate huge expenses when you want to sell a mortgage
•Easy post one-time low-fee puts you front of perhaps thousands of investors

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Get Mortgage free faster, is it all hot air or a strategy

Do not for a moment misunderstand me, I am not trying to be difficult, but this video kind of got my attention and after I have watched it a few time, I have decided; there is no real substance to this, other than nice people talking to an even nicer bank adviser. Let's face it, there are no miracle, only changing your budgetary behavior, saving more and pay in more to your budget, however it is certainly also depends if you get the right product at the first place. As we say, it is not a mortgage, it is a strategy and must be handled by people know how it works. Our experience and problem solving skills allow us to overlook your situation real fast, come up with a plan including a solution and help you to follow through with the strategy, rewarding you with a lot of save of your hard earned money. There are many ways to save, here are some advises, however to get the best respond to your question might be in for you to register for a FREE session with one of our expert to assess your situation and work together. Once again, there are no miracles just careful planning to get you mortgage free faster and save a lot in the process.
We are a team of the best mortgage brokers Calgary Alberta, Vancouver mortgage brokers in British Columbia.  Low, best mortgage rate first, second mortgages for purchase, re-mortgage, refinance. Programs for self employed, new to Canada, bad credit people. While we are helping people across Canada, we have gained tremendous experience not only with mortgage lenders, but thousands of situations and WE STRONGLY BELIEVE your serve your best interest, when you have some education of mortgages, so you can make a better informed  decision when it comes to your mortgage and over all financial well being. We can help you to get you better educated by taking the first step and visit our Mortgage Reference Centre and do some surfing. In advance, let me give you a little advise to start:
You will not get mortgage free, just because the bank is nice, they are simply ways to make it less expensive by paying into extra... this is how it works;

  1. First of all get a mortgage with flexibility
  2. Mortgage with higher percentage of option to increase payments
  3. Make extra payments when you make good money, have little extra
  4. Take advantage of these options to pay in at due date
  5. Option to pay down your principal during the term
  6. Try to save a lump sum to pay at term maturity
  7. Choose weekly or by-weekly payments, will save a lot in interest
  8. Making payments more often, shortens the amortization period as well
  9. Other tricks are also in the works to make you mortgage free faster, while you save a bundle on interest payments.
Shorter amortization will result is saving on interest, paying down principal faster and give you a chance not only be a slave of your mortgage, but to strategical advances of your financials to be on the better end of your life. I am not even talking about the stress factor. Do not hesitate to look us up for a FREE advice, today.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

To be or not to be, variable or fixed rate mortgage, that is the question

Providing a precise answer would be foolish as none of us has a crystal ball. Mortgage Brokers debate as fixed rate climbing and variable is kind of yoyo, leaving borrowers hard to pick.
“You’re seeing a one per cent spread between variable and fixed so it almost doesn't make sense to go with a fixed rate right now,” brokers read in Mortgage Broker News. “It didn't make sense while the fixed rates were historically low; now the discounts on variable rates are getting better and the fixed rates are increasing.”
Many Brokers still think fixed rate will work for their clients better. Now the most important in all, you consult your Broker ask to explain you both products and when you are well informed, you will be able to see clear the advantages and short comings while determine which serves your needs the most. 
Many Broker think fixed rates are at all-time lows, even though we've seen them going up lately.However under 4% I don't think is too high. Five years at between 3.5-4% you are good.
Clients considering variable ask Your Broker if the product can be locked at 5 year fixed, in case the interest rate rise get out of hand. In that case, enjoy your variable for as long us it does not try to surpass the fixed rate. Win-win all the way. Read more about this on Mortgage Reference Centre a site created for clients interested to be on the top of things.
Do not make a decision before you consult us, you might make the most expensive mistake. A Calgary Mortgage Broker, based in Calgary but provides services across Canada, will provide you with a tool: knowledge, do not pass on the opportunity for a FREE consultation session, might be surprised how much you will save.
Mortgage Brokers in Calgary and across Canada are knowledgeable and have the ability to serve you the best of their ability, however there are differences. You must see it before you hire one. Of course, every situation is different but a good Broker will recognize YOUR priorities and not of the lenders.
We are here to consult you to empower you with a plan, even if you decide to go on your own or with other Broker. Our main objective is to serve and protect you to get the best possible rate, the lowest rate custom fitted to your needs whether you are Looking for  Calgary Mortgage Broker for Alberta or a Vancouver Mortgage Broker for BC, British Columbia.

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