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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Zero down payment home buying; not a dream, strategy

Not a secret, it is a strategy! You hear this from people; buying a home with no down payment! Many mortgage broker advertise this, however few have the experience and or the connections to do it for you. Rule are few, but has to be followed 100% no matter what. Some component might have a little leeway, but do not count on it. Here are some of the Required Program Qualifications:
1.    Flawless credit history
now derogatory credit rating on your Credit Bureau
all your revolving credits and loans must be paid on time
complete disclosure of all liabilities and good track record of payments
2.    Employment history and qualifications
you will be required to show a letter of employment with 2 years on the job ( if you have changed employer, but in the same profession, a good mortgage broker will be able to explain
self-employed individuals have added qualifications, but it is not impossible with MortgagePRO
3.    Ability to keep mortgage current at all times
without down payment naturally the monthly payments will be higher as the mortgage larger
these payments can be many hundreds of dollars more, requires to show your ability to maintain mortgage without hardship

4.       Qualifying properties
also the importance of the property to be residential, single family, multi family unit like condominiums, duplex and most properties you want to occupy with your family

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