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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Looking for a mortgage with bad credit?

If you are looking for mortgage loans from banks in Canada and if your credit rating is not good, you will hardly find any bank willing to lend to you. Banks earn on the money they lend and have stringent rules of qualification for mortgages. Your other choice is approaching private lenders. Before you approach lenders, you must consult experts who can present your case on your behalf and help you secure a loan on easy terms.

Poor Credit Mortgage Loans
Banks would shy away from offering a loan or a mortgage to applicants with poor credit. Even if your credit was bad many years ago, it can come in the way of securing a loan. The stringent lending policies make it difficult for many to borrow money though they are fully capable of repaying. It is possible for you buy a house even if your credit is bad if you approach private lenders or investors. Such poor credit mortgage facilitators can help you buy a home and also help find financial stability by lending when you need the most like in case of bankruptcy or foreclosure. In such situations banks will refuse to lend. Even bankers who have known for years would at best offer to restructure your existing loans but would not lend you money.

Self employment mortgage
If you are self-employed and are looking for a mortgage on your property it is advisable to approach private lenders. Banks view self-employed individuals as a risk even if they can pay the instalments on the mortgage. A private lender on the other will evaluate your earning potential to help you avail the right mortgage loan. seek the services of experts to approach private lenders who can present your application to lenders to secure the best terms.
Before you mortgage your property to buy a new property it is important that you have an appraisal of the new property to assess its value. This appraisal will form an important part of your application. It is also advisable to

Seek investment experts
Most Canadians find the process of application for loans daunting. Lacking expertise, they often fail to convince the lender about their cause at the first go. The second application costs more. To avoid additional costs and to secure the best terms on your loans contact experts who provide investment services. The websites of such service providers will have tools like Canadian Mortgage Calculator which will help you learn of the amount you can secure and prepare your application accordingly

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

First time home buyers tax credit

The fees associated with purchasing a first home can really add up. To help Canadians with these costs, our Conservative Government introduced the First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit. The Credit allows Canadians to save up to $750 on qualifying home purchased after January.27.2009.
The First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit is also available to existing homeowners who are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) who purchase a more accessible or functional home, or for the benefit of a DTC-eligible person who is related to the individual purchasing the home by blood, marriage, common-law partnership or adaption.
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