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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Creative solutions: short on downpayment?

When the client does not fit traditional financing, you are forced to look up private lenders for the reason to get additional second mortgage to be able to close the sale. Sometimes it fits and you can get the requested amount, but what will happen when the first mortgage condition the amount and the size of the payments on second? Nothing, client walks.
There is a new way of dealing with this, however it requires a lot of skill to convince the vendor to provide a take back and complete the purchase. What are the stipulations? We, want to earn our fees, so send us the file and we will work on it to closing and give you a generous referral fee.
Giving up on a file will bring you zero. Never give up, before you give us a chance.

We provide financing for private mortgages and loans throughout Canada for residential and commercial property (first and second mortgages), raw land, developments, construction, renovations, hotel & motel purchases, refinancing, revenue-rental property, vacation/second homes, business financing, inventory loans, factoring, invoice advance loans, business ventures, business purchase loans, equipment and inventory loans, and any and all mortgages where the collateral is real estate property. Our head office in Calgary and we are licensed in BC and AB. We have investors and brokers in other jurisdictions, whom we are referring files too. We will need an application, an explanation, and a plan with an exit strategy to consider a request. If you have been turned down by banks or have credit issues, as long as you own your home, Private Lendercan help get the funds you need.

All Private Lender Inc. and it's investors mortgages are brokered by MortgagePRO Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta