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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mortgage fraud can effect everybody, dont be a victim

Do not become an unwilling victim of growing fraud for profit schemes. Keep yourself safe and rely on the experience of a licensed mortgage professional at MortgagePRO. Our streamlined process accelerates your application to a trusted lender which makes securing financing for your needs worry-free. We have the knowledge and expertise to detect and deter mortgage fraud.
We commit ourselves to educating our clients which in return eliminates the opportunity for fraudsters to take advantage of the problems you are facing. With our help, you can recognize weaknesses and save yourself from becoming the victim.
The term used by real estate industry members is “Red Flags.” As a customer, the list of things to remember can be overwhelming. However, as a real estate industry brokerage, dealing in mortgages on a day-to-day basis since before the turn of the century, we have developed an instinct to determine whether there is a legitimate or fraudulent transaction. A list of red flags can be found here:
Before making a decision or if you have any hesitation, talk to a MortgagePro and become educated. The following pages have excellent advice for protecting your interests:
At MortgagePro, our main objective is to create a strategy that you can trust will work. A mortgage should not limit your possibilities, but enhance them.
You can find out if the person you are dealing with has gone through the required basic education of becoming licensed, for example in Alberta, by visiting the following website provided by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA):